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Cheque Financing - Figopara

Want to receive cash early for your outstanding customer cheques?

No need to worry about the due date; with Figopara, you will get immediate cash against your customer cheques.

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With Figo Cheques Financing,

You can get immediate cash against your customer cheques regardless of the drawer of the cheque.

By sending us a photo of your cheque, you can get instant cash without leaving your seat.

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“As a company in the startup ecosystem, I can easily say that Figopara has contributed greatly to our financial growth.”

Hande Dumrul

Hande Dumrul

Kadınların Elinden Co-Founder

How Does Figo Work?

Easily, in 4 steps.

1. Sign up

Register in a few seconds by entering your user and company information.

2. Upload your cheque

Upload your cheque that you want to get instant cash.

3. Consider offers

Choose the best offer from our authorized financial institutions.

4. Get instant cash

No need to wait for the due date of your customer's cheque.