Get paid early
for your e-Invoices.

Whether you are a buyer or a supplier, increase your working capital with Figopara.

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Supplier Financing is more than a simple math calculation.


Increase your working capital more than ever before thanks to the tailor-made supplier financing system for your business.

Read our advantages to see the advantages provided by Figopara to both buyer and supplier.

Don't get lost in complex systems.

We have made the procedures in Figopara so simple that the buyer can make their payment terms flexible with one-touch, and suppliers can now collect their invoiced receivables early.


Single Integration

Access to all financial institutions at the same time with a single point integration.

Invoice Tracking

Easy tracking of all printed and e-invoices on the same platform.

ERP Integration

Integrable infrastructure with ERP systems.


ISO 27001 Certified Data Center.

What is important for our company is to easily and swiftly solve fast cash flows with Figopara. The most essential feature of the system in our opinion is that it can respond to our requests quickly. Its other admirable feature is to have a team who can solve the problem quickly in case of a problem.
Sinan Tuğlu
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