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Figopara - Get Instant Payment for Your Term E-Invoices

Collect your receivables effortlessly .

No need to wait until the due dates of your invoices!


What does Figopara do?

Figopara helps you turn your outstanding receivables into cash before their due dates and optimize your cash flows.

Figopara is a financial technology company that helps you get instant cash for your outstanding receivables.

Figopara aims to provide financing solutions to companies in Türkiye and the United Arab Emirates, and helps SMEs that use e-invoices or cheques across all sectors.

Business Partners

What awaits the people of Figo?

Speed up your cash flow in a few clicks with Figo.


Average Interest Rates


Number of Banks


Maximum Terms (Days)

10 min.

Average Time to Payout*

*After becoming a member of Figopara

Why Figopara?

Fast, innovative, cutting edge

Contribution to cash flow optimization

Opportunity to access offers of different financial institutions in one place

A change to improve your accounts receivable collection effortlessly

Financial solutions for all industries

Special solutions for companies using e-invoice

How can we help you?

We find the best solution for you as you focus on your job.

Collect Your Receivables Via E-Invoice

We help you to get instant cash in return for your outstanding receivable e-invoices. If you have recievables from any of our partner buyers, the process is even faster.


Collect Your Receivables Via Cheque

Regardless of who you get your cheque from, we help you cash out without having to leave your place.



We are here to help

The Platform Agreement must be signed and our users' explicit consent texts must be approved on our website. Integration of Figopara with your e-invoice integrator system shortens your business processes and helps you increase the maximum available amount that financial institutions we cooperate with will work for you.

Koray Gültekin Bahar, the Fintech President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), and and his partners founded Figopara in 2016. Figopara's investors include institutions such as Eczacbaşı, Finberg, the World Bank, JIMCO, the Development Bank, L2G Ventures, Logo Yazılım, Maxis, ScaleX, Oyak Yatırım and TechOne. Click for more

With Figopara, you can receive cash for your outstanding issued invoices immediately. At Figopara, you have the opportunity to get financing from different institutions at the same time, and you are supported at every step. To give a little more detail, Figo Supply Chain Finance brings together the buyer, supplier, and financial institution, which are the parties on the same platform. It provides the opportunity to perform processes such as notification/confirmation, invoice assignment, pricing, etc., much faster and through a single system; moreover, many financial institutions can send proposals for your invoices for which a discount request is created through Figopara, making the process easier to follow, and the Figopara team supports you at this time.