Supply Chain Financing

It is now possible to apply flexibility in your payment terms. With Figopara, provide uninterrupted cash flow to your strategic suppliers, achieve more efficient working capital and balance sheet management by integrating with banks from a single point.


Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?

Supplier Financing or Supply Chain Finance; is a financing solution that enables the financing of trade between buyer companies and their suppliers. It enables the supplier that provides goods or services to the buyer company to convert its receivables arising from the sale made at a previous date into cash before the invoice maturity.

With Supplier Financing, buyers and suppliers have the opportunity to organize their payments and collections in line with their cash flow and/or balance sheet targets.

Thanks to its high creditworthiness, the buyer ensures that the supplier included in the system also obtains appropriate financing costs. Meanwhile, the supplier manages the processes to be carried out with all banks from a single place by integrating with the platform.

With this system, the buyer company claims a maturity advantage in its payments, while the supplier company gets the opportunity to receive early payment for its receivables.

This closed-loop system provides an effective and efficient operation for the parties.

Turkey's largest supply chain network companies using Figopara.

We support SMEs that are often underserved by traditional funding agencies. That’s why we offer the most technological financing product to solve the cash flow and working capital problems of businesses.

Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
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Supply Chain Finance

Figopara Supplier Financing SAP Package

Thanks to the Figopara SAP package for buyers using SAP, buyer companies can manage all supplier financing transactions only from the Figopara module in SAP, without the need for any other screen.
With the SAP package which was specially coded for Figopara, you can start using the platform without worrying about the long integration processes.

Our Greatest Strength: Our Business Partners

Thanks to our business partners which are finance and technology companies, we added more powerful features to the complex supplier financing system and digitized it. Learn more about us from them.

Why Figopara Supplier Financing?

For Buyers

For Suppliers

How does supply chain financing work with Figopara?


Buyer uploads invoices


Buyer approves invoices


Supplier selects invoices for which it wants to receive early payment


The supplier evaluates the offers of financial institutions and accepts one


The Financial Institution deposits the money into the supplier's account

Integrated platform with Turkey's largest e-Invoice providers

Figopara works with Turkey’s largest e-Invoice Providers.
So it takes less than 1 minute to transfer your invoices and get paid.

Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance
Supply Chain Finance

Frequently Asked Questions About Figopara

Accelerating cash flow and growing working capital is one of the most critical issues for any business. With Figopara, you can get the cash you need faster by getting an early payment for your undue e-Invoices.

It is a financial solution that enables the supplier providing goods/services to the buyer company to convert the receivables arising from the sale into cash, without waiting for the due date of the invoice, through the banks where the buyer company works, with the most appropriate financial conditions.

The Trade Registry Gazette, Tax Plate, Signature Circular are the documents required for the verification of your company. Therefore, you must submit those when registering.

Before starting to use Figopara, a contract must be signed and each user must approve the “Information and Consent” form on the web within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698. In addition, the integration between Figopara and the accounting system you use will shorten your business processes.

Supply Chain Finance

About Figopara

In the field of Supplier Finance, Figopara is the sector leader for 4,000+ suppliers actively with 6 leading banks in Turkey and it mediates 180 million TL worth of invoice financing monthly in average.
Since its foundation in 2016, it has received investments from companies such as Eczacıbaşı, Finberg, IFC (World Bank), Revo Capital, Lima Ventures and Endeavor Catalyst.

Get to Know Us

Supply Chain Finance

Take your financial supply chain management to the next level with Figopara.

Figopara ile finansal tedarik zinciri yönetiminizi bir üst seviyeye taşıyın.

Ödeme vadelerinizde esneklik uygulamak artık mümkün. Figopara ile stratejik tedarikçilerinize kesintisiz nakit akışı sağlayın, bankalar ile tek noktadan entegrason yaparak daha verimli işletme sermayesi ve bilanço yönetimi elde edin.