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If you are a company with deferred invoices and you are experiencing a cash crunch, Figopara eliminates the concept of maturity and allows you to collect all your receivables without waiting for the due date.

İbrahim Şenkuş, Cosmoworld
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Thanks to Figopara, we make fast collections, thus shortening our maturity periods. Since we can control our cash flow more easily, we can work with low financial costs.

Zeynep Şenkuş, Finance Manager, Yapıchem
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I would definitely recommend Figo Kolay Finansman to companies that want to manage their financial profitability and cash flow.

Murat Türker, CFO, Rotech Motor
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My advice to traders is to take your money early and sell more until that time instead of waiting until it's due. Being able to include the forward invoice in production is a big problem and Figopara solves this problem and makes many of your jobs easier.

Çağıl Altay, Woodesk Mobilya

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