Supplier Financing in 4 Simple Steps

We have made the procedures in Figopara so simple that the buyer can make their payment terms flexible with one-touch, and suppliers can now collect their invoiced receivables early.

Sign Up

You may sign up to Figopara in less than a minute. After signing up, you may activate your account by uploading the following documents to the platform.

  1. Figopara Agreement
  2. Tax Registration Certificate
  3. Authorized Signatures List
  4. ID Card Copy of the Authorized Person
  5. Trade Registry Gazette
How It Works
How It Works

Upload an Invoice

As a Buyer or Supplier, you may upload your e-invoice in UBL (XML) format; all invoice details will be automatically added.

Alternatively, you can manually enter your invoice details.

Verify an Invoice

The buyer company verifies the invoice uploaded to the platform with a single-click.

How It Works

Receive & Accept Quote

The supplier company will accept the quote created by the buyer’s contracted finance company and the amount of the quote will be transferred to its account!

Start using Figopara to get paid early for invoices now.