Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing together the supplier and the financial institution, who are the party to the transaction, for the discount of invoices paid by cheque on the same platform, Figopara provides an opportunity to perform processes much faster and on a single system, such as the transmission of check information/image, invoice assignment, pricing, etc.

This financial instrument enables the supplier, who provides a product or service to the Buyer company, to turn its receivable arising from such sale into cash whenever they need it.

The details of the user who will register to FİGO Ticari Bilgi ve Uygulama Platformu on behalf of the company as well as details of the Company must be submitted to FİGO Support Team.

After uploading your contact details to the platform via the ‘Free Apply’ button in the menu, our team will contact you and complete your registration procedure.

Before using the Platform, the Platform Agreement must be signed and each user is required to approve the online “Information and Consent” form in accordance with Law No 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. In addition to this, the integration of the accounting system with Figopara will shorten your business processes.

1 user account is created for each company. New accounts can be created using the “Add New User” button on the Users tab in the My Account section.

Yes. The relevant documents may be uploaded to the sections, Trade Registry Gazette, Tax Registration Certificate, Authorized Signature List, List of Attendance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Residence, and the documents other than that are uploaded using the Other tab. Such documents are shared with the selected Finance company.

Following the completion of the discount request, RNF is automatically created by the finance company and sent to the supplier through figopara. By using the Figo Signature program, the supplier may electronically sign the RNF through figopara and send it to the finance company. The supplier, if he/she wishes, may print out the RNF and sign and e-mail it to the finance company.